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$25 for your first year
Annual renewal $25.00*
  • Visa® bank card
  • All banking platform benefits
  • Exclusive Z-Club membership
  • 500 Z-Bucks upon your first transaction
  • 500 Z-Bucks with every annual renewal
*Limited time only. Annual fee waived!
Join prior to November 2023 and become a lifetime member. You will receive:
  • Double Z-Bucks from your TranzactCard transactions for your first year
  • 500 Z-Bucks upon your first transaction after your anniversary date
  • And No annual fee for life
Digital Branch Office
$495 to get started
Plus $150.00 /mo.*
  • Banking Platform and Z-Club Benefits
  • Compensation for growing your own business and promoting the benefits of TranzactCard to others.
  • Permission to use TranzactCard trademarked assets and materials produced by corporate to enhance your marketing efforts.
  • Specialized training programs to enhance your knowledge of TranzactCard's products, services, and business operations.
*$150/month fee is not charged until official launch - November 2023

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